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I adore Dr. Payne and his entire staff. I recommend him constantly. They have done an
excellent job setting up a process and office space now that makes me feel protected from any virus.

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In normal times I highly recommend Dr. Payne. However, now during COVID-19 my
recommendation and confidence in his dental practice has soared to another level. They have far exceeded recommended best practices for making the office safe for its patient’s and its staff. I feel very comfortable sending friends and family to Dr. Payne during these extraordinary times.

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Staff are extremely professional and friendly. Dentist is thorough and has excellent
bedside manner. Walked me through all of my dental needs, made priorities clear, used visual aids and (impressive) technology to show me problem areas and explain my treatment plan, and provided a timeline with clear next steps for care at home and in office. Felt the team listened to my concerns, handled me with care, and took the time needed to answer questions. Was comfortable during my procedure and actually left with a smile on my face.

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All necessary precautions were carried out during these COVID-19 times.

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It is evident that Dr. Payne and his staff have done everything necessary (and probably more) to make the office safe for patients.
– Mamie

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Dr. Michael Payne’s office ranks Number One in Service and Safety! Dr. Payne is the
Best of the Best! He consistently provides the ultimate in dental care! I’m so fortunate to have him as my dentist and have referred several family and friends to him!! Tin, Dana, Maria and Vita make up his awesome team!! Bravo to all!!

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I feel in safe hands for decisions on issues as well as staying safe from virus. Thank you.

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It was wonderful to be visiting my favorite dentist office again. Good to see everyone
again, although, behind Plexiglas! The office looked beautiful in spite of all the extra barricades. Thanks for all you do!

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I can’t yet say I love going in for dental work… but I can say i LOVE Dr Payne and the
whole staff which make my frequent visits the most stress free Dental work visits I’ve ever
experienced! Really great atmosphere; attentive, kind and aware of how scary and uncomfortable dental work can be. I enjoy the comforts of a warm blanket, Netflix on demand, the warm face towel to clean up with and follow up reminders and the staff checking in the next morning to ensure you’re ok is really top notch customer service.

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Great front office, technician and dentist. One of the most professional offices I’ve visited. Great job!